Friday, March 14, 2014

Fighting and martial arts explained to my wife

About a week ago my wife ask me why I put so much effort in my martial art training. It was late, I was tired and did not came up with a good answer. So the day after I wrote an  email. This is a translated and redacted version. I hope it could have some good point to explain why you go to the gym, sweat and get your ass kicked on regular basis.


I was intrigued  by  your questions about why I do kickboxing .

In general, where does my passion for martial arts and combat sports originate if you know me as a person devoted to mediation and dialogue.

First let's clear the field from violence. I like the action, but certainly not violence for its own sake .

I think I've scored a few sentences from the book I'm reading that I believe can be very explanatory :

Physical violence , which is the most obvious, frightening and dramatic manifestation of the conflict is a training tool to overcome the fear of conflict.

Therefore overcome the fear of conflict. As you know I'm always afraid of conflict with you, with colleagues even with our beloved sons. I believe the balance is the way to happiness, an conflict is the opposite of balance. So if you can "balance your conflicts" you are on the road to happiness. I can't find a better way than martial arts for this process.

It is also a way to deal with reality in a different way and this is what really fascinates me. You always say , rightly, that I'm cerebral and analytical kind of person but in combat, there is no time to analyse . Suddenly we find ourselves in a situation where rational thought has less credit for an invitation to lunch in the village of a cannibal tribe (cit. Daniele Bolelli ) . It is both exciting and scary to be screened in this dimension.


Martial arts are a mean to get in touch with my potential. In the practice of martial arts there is a return to  primordial simplicity .

Last but not least are an excellent way to keep fit : I feel like I'm  at the same time the artist and the art work.

I wanted to explain these things because you're the person who knows me better and I want to continue to be so.

I love you .

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