Monday, February 18, 2013

Holding Pao

In the last training session I have been asked by the instructor to hold pao-pads for my fellows companions. I also had the responsibility to look for errors ( no hips work, hitting the pad with the foot and not with the shin, fixed support foot) and tease them to strike hard and fast. I liked it. I damn liked it. And I also learned, the hard way, that holding pads has his own technique and requires a lot of focus, even more than sparring. In fact I was holding the pads for the "gym champion", a very talented guy, and I lost focus for just a second, because I was tired probably, and the hard edge of the pao goes directly on my nose (ouch!). Now I have a yellow-brown mark on my face to keep in mind that be a trainer is harder than train yourself.
This lead me to a consideration: I probably never be a fighter, maybe not even an amateur, but perhaps I could be a trainer. Not a master, a kru or sensei or whatever. Just have a Trainer course to help out other to train well. It will take time and dedication, but I think I have the right mindset and determination ( and age... sadly)

Great teacher in life, were at one point great students (and still are). Be a student, and not a fan.

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